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Operational Technology vs. Internet of Things

Operational Technology vs. Internet of Things

OT (Operational Technology): Manages physical devices and processes in critical infrastructure like power grids, manufacturing plants, and transportation systems. Security breaches here can have real-world consequences.

IoT (Internet of Things): Connects everyday objects to the internet, creating a vast network of smart devices. Vulnerabilities here can be exploited for large-scale data breaches or denial-of-service attacks.

Threats on the Horizon:

Ransomware Rampage: Ransomware continues to plague OT and IoT systems, with attackers targeting critical infrastructure for maximum disruption and extortion.

Supply Chain Shenanigans: Hackers can infiltrate vulnerabilities in the software supply chain, infecting devices with malware before they even reach consumers.

Weaponizing Legacy Systems: Many OT environments rely on outdated systems with known security flaws, making them prime targets for exploitation.

The Rise of Botnets: Large networks of compromised devices (botnets) can be used to launch DDoS attacks against critical infrastructure or steal sensitive data.

Insider Threats: Disgruntled employees or those with malicious intent can pose a significant risk to both OT and IoT systems.

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